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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancel membership

To cancel your membership, please sign in here and follow the instructions.
Alternatively, you can contact us using the Chat below, or Email or Phone.

Once your membership is cancelled, you will not be charged anymore.
If you need to ask another question, you can always choose the relevant pricing (pay monthly or pay per question).

I received a membership offer after posting my question. Am I enrolled in a membership?

To check your membership status:
Log in to your member zone using your credentials, then click on "Settings" to see if your subscription is active or not.

If you have not subscribed to INA Plus but noticed charges on your account, it is likely that the charges are associated with a question you posted. If you have any question please visit the contact page.

How do I check my payment history?

To review your payment information and recent questions, log in to your member zone, and visit the Order History page.
Please note that you will always be able to access your member zone, even after you have cancelled your membership.

How much does INeedanAnswer costs?

Our service is not free. To review your payment information and recent questions, visit your member zone page here.
For our current pricing, please visit our website.

How do I cancel my trial?

To cancel your trial, please sign in here and a select "Cancel Membership", within 5 days from the creation of your account.

How do I connect to my member zone?

To access your member zone please click here. You will need the email address you used to register and the password that has been sent to you by email. You can reset your password by clicking here.

I have missed my appointment, what should I do?

If you are not available at the right time, no problem, the expert will try again, up to 3 times. Then, we will send you an email with an active link to rebook your appointment.
You can always connect to the Member Zone, to re-book your appointment at any time.